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Amanita Muscaria Ceremony | Ceremoni i Stockholm | 6 maj

Amanita Muscaria Ceremony | Ceremoni i Stockholm | 6 maj

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Get to know Amanita Muscaria!

The Amanita muscaria, also known as Fly Agaric, is a poisonous mushroom easily recognizable in our woods. It is one of the most remarkable and beautiful mushroom in the world.

Together with experienced herbalist Ilga you will get to know the mushroom Amanita Muscaria. During this physical ceremony in the South of Stockholm you will get in touch with Amanita and get to know the spirit of this mushroom.

The Latvian herbalista Ilga and the Swedish herbalista Carmela will guide you through the mystics of Amanita Muscaria Mushroom.

The ceremony will be held in English, however we speak both Swedish and English. 

Price: 649 SEK

Ps. It is not at all obligatory, but if you are interested in getting more knowledge of Amanita you are welcome to attend our digital workshops before the ceremony. It will give you plenty of theoretical understanding. 

Do you have questions? Feel free to contact us. We hope to see you in May!



Varför tinktur?

  • Enkelt att ta (du kan droppa dropparna direkt i munnen)
  • Lätt att ha med den lilla flaskan i handväskan, på jobbet och på resan
  • Inga konserverings- och fyllnadsmedel (bara ört och lösningsvätska)
  • Flera års hållbarhet (på så sätt bevarar vi växten länge)
  • Ett par droppar räcker (skonsam mot naturen)

Med andra ord ger tinkturer en hållbar livsstil. 

Hur ska du ta dina tinkturdroppar?

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Customer Reviews

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Lifechanging for me

Ilga & Carmela are both amazing facilitators and guides for this experience. It was absolutely one of the most important moments in my life, I will remember with so much warmth in my heart.
Thank you so much for creating this space for us to tune back into source and remember what it means to be human.