❤️ Örtfabriken är ett svenskt familjeföretag. Hos oss handlar du med Klarna ❤️

Glad första advent från oss på Örtfabriken!⁠

Today we celebrate First Advent in Sweden. It is such a joyful moment as we have literally managed to survive the numbing darkness of November. Of course, it is still dark. And it gets darker than dark. But from now on we lit up our windows and gardens with lights. ⁠

During this time of the year, the sun is rising around 8:30 AM and sets no later than 3 PM. Örtfabriken is situated in the middle of Sweden so we have a LOT of daylight comparing to the Nordic part of the country (sorry, Swedish joke :-)⁠

How do you celebrate this day?⁠
Glad första advent från oss på Örtfabriken!⁠

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