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Hormonal knowledge - why do we know so little about our menstrual cycles?⁠

⁠Our own tools for understanding our menstrual cycle are limited. We need more information and knowledge at an early age. Information of what a menstrual cycle is. What estrogen and progesterone are. What a follicle phase and luteal phase are. Why imbalances occur (eg pain, mood swings, heavy bleeding, lack of menstruation, etc.) and what we can do about it.⁠

We need to know our options in order to be able to make conscious choices. Contraceptives, synthetic vs natural alternatives, diet and nutrition, supplements and herbs, sleep, alternative therapies. We need to be able to ask ourselves the question: "what are the options, what do I prefer and what suits my body?" ⁠

In herbalism, there is a long tradition of supporting women through the ages with the help of herbs. We at Örtfabriken have recently published an infograph where we describe some of the most common herbs. Herbs such as Ashwagandha, Yarrow and Raspberry Leaf, Lady's mantle and Red clover. ⁠

Working with herbs is a way to support your body gently. It takes patience and long-term commitment. And you will need to support yourself from different angles. Diet, rest, relaxation need to be reviewed while adding herbs and supplements to your daily routine. ⁠

But it all starts with one step. And once you have taken the first step, there will be change. It can be comforting to have this in mind when the menstrual cycle is difficult to handle.⁠

Hormonal health with the support of herbs for women.

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